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Week of
the white rose

To pique young girls’ interest in science and engineering

Every year, Folie Technique, Polytechnique Montréal’s science camp, reaches more than 20,000 young people in Québec through science workshops aimed at encouraging students to stay in school and promoting careers in engineering.

Through the collaborative efforts of Une école montréalaise pour tous, Actua and partner companies, Folie Technique is able to offer free science activities to young people in disadvantaged communities, primarily in Greater Montréal. The demand far outweighs what this non-profit organization can offer because of the resources it has at its disposal. For every workshop it offers in robotics, 10 other activities are turned down for lack of resources.

By choosing to support the Week of the White Rose, you are contributing directly to raising funds that will enable Folie Technique to reach out to girls aged 7 to 17 who live in disadvantaged communities. Without your financial support, most of them would not have a chance to participate in science programs of this kind.

Folie Technique introduces girls to science in the hope that they will one day study engineering and pursue a career in this field.

“I’m so grateful for Folie Technique – my girls were able to go to summer science day camp for free. Not only were they able to discover how great the sciences are, but they were also able to widen their social circle, and become close with positive and motivated camp counsellors whose enthusiasm for science was infectious. Being a girl does not dictate your interests, and Folie Technique camp really reinforces the notion that everyone and anyone can be interested and do well in science.”

 Annie Savoie, Education Student, mother of two young girls who attended Folie Technique Science summer camp

to help

1 rose


Pays transportation for a girl to attend science day camp.

14 roses


Pays science experiment equipment for a “100% girls” group.

25 roses


Pays for a girl to attend science day camp for one week during the summer.

Other ways to give

Do you prefer to make an in-kind donation?
Every year, Folie Technique and its day campers benefit from industry activities such as:

  • Conferences
  • Equipment loans
  • Tours of industrial facilities
  • Training sessions
  • and more.

To donate in kind, contact Folie Technique.

On the 25th anniversary of the tragic events of December 6, 1989, Polytechnique Montréal presented the very first edition of the Week of the White Rose. This annual fundraiser, to benefit Polytechnique Montréal’s science camp, Folie Technique, is aimed at giving girls from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to take part in science awareness activities, through the sale of virtual white roses.